Three Questions Every Business Will Have To Answer


Helena and I are hard at work getting up and running, the arena we are building for a unique group of business people who are focused on building the sustainable brands that will thrive in this age of “fake.” If we have learned anything, it is that building a community around a bold and contentious idea is not for the faint of heart. 😬

As we’ve worked on the rationale and manifesto for our community, we established some foundational principles around which our work will focus. In doing that, we discovered three questions that any company (brand) will ultimately have to answer to employees, owners, and customers: 

  • Are you creating and distributing your products/services in a way that is sustainable? And by “sustainable,” we mean much more than being “green.” It’s sustainable with a big “S.”  Are you operating in a way that will offer stability and predictability for employees? Will investors believe they will see an acceptable return on their investment? Is your company using sustainable materials and resources in the creation of your product or service?
  • Is your product or service improving or enhancing life in some way? More than being purpose driven, improving or enhancing life (all life) is the commitment that your organization is not just trying to earn a monetary profit, but balancing profit with intention. We believe the long-term viability of any company will result from actually improving something, not merely offering another choice or exploiting something just to make money.
  • Are you supporting and contributing to the local communities where ever your company and brand exist? Far beyond contributing to local charities or sponsoring little league teams, it is being committed to local employment (including management), sourcing, and involvement. Check out this great discussion I had with Christina Keibler ( about the topic: The interview

It’s just three questions. Three incredibly complex and challenging questions to ask of any company you work for, invest in, or buy things from. 

We know there are those who will question this way of thinking. All we ask is to do the logic and math. We believe that when you do, you’ll realize that as a species, we cannot survive on the current path we are on because, frankly, our planet cannot sustain it. We have to proceed differently.

Hope to see you soon at FakeNot™.